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SNS Records

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Welcome to the Slick N Smooth Records website...

Slick N Smooth Records is an upcoming rap label from San Jose, California. We create original, independent music for true fans of the rap game. No fake shit over here. We make our own beats, write our own rhymes, record/mix/master every track ourselves, make our own graphics, and shoot our own music videos. We don't do this for the fame, money, or bitches...we just do this for the love of making good music, and we do this for all the homies who can't because they're dead, locked up, or stuck on the grind.


Slick N Smooth Records & Roben The Bay Entertainment have been making music together since 2009. Over the past 4 years we have evolved as a label and expanded our operations. We stepped up our game on our beats, flows, rhymes, production, mastering, promotion, and marketing. We have invested countless time, money, and energy into making the music we love, and it's finally starting to pay off. Check out the music & video page links above for more.

In addition to "SAN JO STREETS" we're working on a new album called "RHYMIN SUPPLY" scheduled for release fall 2013.

Slick N Smooth/Roben The Bay are now providing beats for $30-$50 for EXCLUSIVE Rights. Includes Wav File, MP3 File, and Reason Session File. Check out

or CLICK HERE for more info