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SNS Records

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Young Robsta is the founder of Roben The Bay Entertainment. Besides hustlin full time, he makes beats, writes flows, produces tracks, directs videos, and books shows. Robsta started working with Slick N Smooth Records in 2009 and has put in work on every release from SNS RTB since then. Young Robsta lives on the East Side of San Jo and has already been through a rough life by the age of 20. His focus is on getting money and expanding the operations of Slick N Smooth/RobenTheBay even further.

Mike Sypha is one of the C.E.O.s of Slick N Smooth Records. He makes beats, writes raps, records/mixes/produces tracks, makes graphics and shoots/edits music videos. Sypha fell in love with hip hop & rap music in 1997 at the age of 13. He's been gassin for the last 15 years, and has been recording his own music since 2001-2002. Don't be fooled by appearances; his skin may be white but he was raised by Mexicans on the South Side of San Jo. Mike's younger brother Ignacio Moreno died in 2008 at the age of 18. Now Sypha tries to keep his memory alive through good music.





 R.I.P. Ignacio Moreno (May 3, 1990 - Nov 15, 2008)







Big Steve is the other co-founder of Slick N Smooth Records. Big Steve and Mike Sypha have been friends since the early 90's and started SNS Records in 2008 after the death of Mike's brother Ignacio. Big Steve stays only a few blocks away from Young Robsta on the East Side of San Jose. On top of writing rhymes, singing hooks, and producing instumentals for Slick N Smooth Records he also has an extensive library of dope beats and instrumentals available for sale. email
[email protected] for more info.